Component Technologies

Diverse Component Technologies that are the Foundation of Nagase ChemteX

Nagase ChemteX possesses a wide variety of component technologies backed up by our many years of abundant experience and know-how, and is moving forward with product development that combines those technologies to meet the needs of the market.
 Our Research and Development head office is engaged in independent research activities related to applications of polymer synthesis, chemical modification, and simulation technology, while also promoting joint research projects with domestic and overseas universities and research institutions to actively take on the challenge of creating new technologies.

Epoxy Compound Design

Design and synthesis of epoxy compounds using epichlorohydrin

Denacol series
Cross-linking agent for Super absorbent polymer, adhesives for tire cords, additives for coatings

Acrylic Polymer Design

Design and synthesis of acrylic resins by suspension polymerization of acrylic monomers

Adhesives for protection films and electronics materials

Conductive Material Design

Design and formulation of conductive coatings based on conductive polymers and nano carbons

Denatron series
Antistatic agent for optical films, electronics packages and traies

Photolithography Material Design

Material selection and preparation design from the perspective of finely and cleanly cutting patterns

Electrical and Optical Function Control

Material selection and preparation design for giving electrical and optical properties to formed patterns

Chemicals for photolithography
Photoresist for special processes (LED lift-off and mask rendering)

Thin Film Solvent Control

Material selection and preparation design for maximizing the solvent and anti-corrosion of the material on the substrate during the electronic device manufacturing process

ACT N series, N-300 series
Stripping agent for semiconductor and FPD manufacturing

Etchant for packaging and FPD manufacturing

Epoxy Resin Preparation Design

Basic preparation design technology such as for epoxy resins and curing agents that are suitable for various applications

High Filler Filling and Preparation Design

High filler filling technology for low linear expansion coefficient and low viscosity


Dispersion and mixing technology for making uniform resins, filler, etc.

Stress Relief Agent Preparation

Additive preparation technology for reducing stress in epoxy resins

Rheology Properties and Preparation Design

Rheology control technology for giving various workability for various applications術

Process Technology

Various processing technologies including cast molding, punching, and sheet forming

Epoxy resins for heavy electrical machinery
Insulation cast molding materials for power transmission/distribution transformers, etc.

Epoxy resins for electrical insulators
UL certified flame-retardant epoxy resins/resins for power modules
Non-flame-retardant epoxy resins/thermally conductive resins, etc.

Two-part liquid epoxy adhesives
Materials for wind power generators, structural adhesives, etc.

Epoxy resins for semiconductors
Liquid sealant resins for compression molding, underfill material, etc.

Sheet epoxy resins
Sheets for hollow seals, thermally conductive sheets, etc.

Ultraviolet curing resins
Sheet materials for displays and optical devices, etc.

Development and Production of Actinomycete-based Enzymes

Technology for producing enzymes based on various gene resources (actinomycetes) with high purity and high efficiency to meet all of our customer needs

Phospholipase, chitinase, glucanase
Egg yolk improver, confectionary, functional food manufacturing, yeast extract manufacturing

Microorganism Culturing and Mutation

Technology for cultivating and improving various microorganisms

Catalase, protease, amylase
Hydrogen peroxide removal, contact lens cleaning, sugar manufacturing, starch processing

Microbial Conversion and Enzyme Reactions

Technology for producing useful substances using microorganisms and enzymes with environmentally friendly energy-saving processes

Health food materials, cosmetics materials, food additives

Composite Material Design

Binder resin design for FRTP and FRTP design using these such as thermoplastic epoxy resin and in-place polymerization polyamide 6

Thermoplastic epoxy resin, in-place polymerization polyamide 6, UD carbon tape
Structural materials for automobiles, impact absorbing materials, reinforcing materials for civil engineering works, etc.

Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Material Design

Design and synthesis of hybrid materials that utilize the advantages of organic and inorganic materials focusing on silsesquioxane (SQ) derivatives

Materials for SQ molding, SQ-coating materials, SQ resin + nano particles
digital camera lenses, hard coatings, special coatings, and transparent encapsulant

Nano Material Design

Synthesis of novel nano particles, trial production of various dispersion elements, and design of compounding resins using these materials

TiO2 dispersion, ZrO2 dispersion, etc.
Microlenses, antireflection coatings, recordable media, etc.