Product Information

Epoxy Sheet Molding Compound

Nagase ChemteX Corporation Epoxy Sheet is a material that was developed in order to improve workability and simplify processing in the usage environment while maintaining the adhesiveness and heat resistance which are features of epoxy resins by using various sheet forming technologies based on liquid epoxy resin denaturing technology developed for semiconductor, electronic, and electrical applications.


The sheet material provides the following various functions and is able to ensure high functionality and high reliability.


  • Flow control (vacuum, UF, etc.)
  • Large surface area/thin film


  • Display field
  • High adhesiveness
  • High thermal conductivity and high heat resistance
  • High magnetic permeability
  • Transparent

Furthermore, we are also able to propose total solutions that simultaneously deliver multiple functions by using multilayer sheets that are combinations of these.

Example Applications

Hollow electronic parts (high frequency devices, sensors, etc.), various modules, semiconductors (IC, power)


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