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DENATITE(Two-part Liquid Epoxy Adhesives)

 We have been providing one-part and two-part liquid epoxy adhesives focusing on the Denatite series which boast a record of success over many years.
 We have a wide variety of products in terms of performance from high adhesive strength to flexibility and heat durability, etc., to meet the needs of our users.
 We have a lineup of adhesives featuring high frequency induction heating curing adhesives, high shear/detachable adhesives, flexible adhesives, low outgas adhesives, etc., and are also working on developing FRA (fiber reinforced film adhesives) and adhesives that allow recycling of the adherend.


We offer a lineup of products that supports a wide variety of applications, including low viscosity type that can be cured at room temperature, products for oil surface adhesion, adhesion of various plastics, heat resistance, and batteries.

Example Applications

  • Adhesion of motor magnets
  • Adhesion of battery cases
  • Adhesion of honeycomb panels
  • Adhesion of golf clubs
  • Adhesion of screws and mating surfaces
  • Adhesion of fishing rods
  • Adhesion of ski planks

For Adhesives using non-deleterious substances:XNR3324/XNH3324

As a result of the revision of the Poisonous and Deleterious Substances Control Act, some of the raw materials for amine curing agents have been designated as deleterious substances, and our representative products such as HV998, HV953U, HY956, HY994, etc. have been designated as deleterious substances. We would like to introduce "DENATITE XNR3324/XNH3324" as a typical non-deleterious adhesive. For more detailed data, please contact us from the "Inquiry Form." "DENATITE 2204," which is a cartridge type of XNR3324/XNH3324, is also available.

Adhesive strength by plastic (example)

: Extremely high adhesion strength (including material destruction, >10A N/mm2,>8C N/mm2)
: High adhesion strength (7A~10A N/mm2,4C~8C N/mm2)
△~○ : Somewhat high adhesion strength (6A~7A N/mm2)
: Low adhesion strength (2A~6A N/mm2)
- : No data
Plastic Two-part liquid epoxy adhesive
Polybutylene terephthalate [PBT] VALOX310-SE0
NORYL SEIJ-GFN3-701(Contains GF)
Polyphenylene oxide [Modified PPO] NORYL SEIJ-701
NORYL SEIJ-GFN3-701(Contains GF)
Polycarbonate [PC] LEXANE 940
LEXANE 3413(Contains GF) △~○
Polyetherimide [PEI] ULTEM 1000
ULTEM 2300(Contains GF)
Polyphenylenesulfide [PPS] FORTLON 6165 A4(Filler, Contains GF)
FORTLON 1140 AI(Contains GF)
Polyarylate U POLYMER U-8000
Polyarylsulfone [PAS] RADEL A-200NT
Polyethersulfone [PES] VICTREX PES 4100G


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