Research and Development

Thinking Outside the Box, and Not Fearing Change
This is the "Power of Inspiration"

The power to discover valuable clues for solving problems lies in thinking outside the box and being willing to boldly change conventional methods. One example of this principle can be seen in the "sheet epoxy sealant material" developed by Nagase ChemteX. Creating a sealant material in the form of a gel was able to resolve the seemingly-conflicting issue of having the material maintain enough fluidity to properly fit the shape of required components, yet also not flow into undesired areas. With the use of rheology control technology able to precisely regulate material deformation and fluid viscosity, combined with our extensive experience and knowledge of the properties of epoxy resins, we were able to achieve a breakthrough that shattered conventional limitations.
 Our next idea was to go one step further and fashion this material into the form of a sheet. Sealing materials in liquid form are troublesome to handle, as dirt particles adhere to them and they are difficult to clean. However, this material could be treated as though it were just another component, which completely changed complex processes involved in the production of electronic parts into far more efficient ones. The "power of inspiration" applied by Nagase ChemteX resulted in a revolutionary new product line that was able to offer new values.

Research and Development System Coordinated with the NAGASE Group

Currently, we employ 140 staff members in our product development departments, which are set up in each division, or the New Business Development Dept. Staff members working at the head office are responsible for creating new businesses and providing technical support to the divisions. Our division product development departments work closely with customers to understand their needs, quickly developing new products and improving existing products. The New Business Development Dept coordinates with entities through the NAGASE Group, analyzing technology trends and noting market needs, while also pursuing joint development projects with universities and research institutes to find emerging business opportunities.

Nagase ChemteX Research and Development Framework