Product List

By Application List

Electronics components



Adhesives (composite products)
Epoxy Resins for Automotive Parts


Matrix agents for FRP
  • Epoxy resin composition(DENATITE for CFRP)

Construction and housing

Paint and coatings

Cross-linking agents

Metal Surface Protection

Adhesives for films

Lifestyle products

Paper Nappies

Surface treatment agents for resins that absorb water

Detergents, Soaps, Cosmetics, and Toiletries

Chelating agents for detergents
For facial cleansing cosmetics
  • Enzyme preparations
For facial cleansing cosmetics
  • Enzyme preparations
For clothes detergents
  • Enzyme preparations

Water treatment, and paper and fiber treatment

Water and Emulsions for Industry

Paper and Fiber Treatment Agents


Fiber processing

Desizing agent and dough conditioner
  • Enzyme preparations