Product Information

Epoxy Resins for Electrical Insulators

 We offer a wide lineup of insulation materials for electrical and electronic components and electrical fittings based on resin denaturing technology we have accumulated over many years.

Epoxy Resins for Automotive and Electronics Parts

 We have a wide range of products with various characteristics (high heat resistance, low coefficient of linear expansion, high thermal conductivity, flexibility, etc) required in the field of automotive electronics (ECUs, various sensors, motors, power devices, reactors, etc).

  • High Heat Resistance, Low Linear Expansion Coefficient Epoxy Resins

     For encapsulation of the parts that require strict heat resistance and heat cycle resistance, we have products with high heat resistance (glass transition point Tg≥160℃) and low linear expansion coefficient (α=15ppm). These products are used in many automotive and electronic components.
    Example applications: ECUs and power devices

  • Thermally Conductive Epoxy Resin

     With the increasing voltages and currents of electrical and electronic components, the heat dissipation properties of the components have been attracting attention as an important characteristic requirement. These epoxy resins are excellent in terms of thermal conductivity and heat cycle durability and are optimal for mold casting of various transformers, reactors, etc. We support resins with various thermal conductivities to meet customer demands using this product as a standard.
    Example applications: Components for automobiles, industry, and household appliances

  • Highly Flexible Epoxy Resins for Cast Molding Electronic Components and Electrical Fittings

     These epoxy resins are highly flexible (durometer hardness: A-18) and optimal for sealing electronic and electrical fittings which demand durability to severe heat cycles and vibration resistance. These are used such as for mold casting of the various sensors which are fitted in the engine rooms of automobiles.
    Example applications: Components for automobiles, industry, and household appliances

UL Certified Flame-retardant Epoxy resins

 Since receiving UL standards certification in 1977, we have been developing and selling highly reliable flame-retardant epoxy resins for over 20 years. Furthermore, in recent years we have been preparing non-halogen based flame-retardant systems in response to the growing awareness of environmental problems.

  • Mold Casting Resins for Power Modules (PM)

     With the increasing performance and functionality of power semiconductor devices (IGBT, IPM, etc.), the reliability demands of mold casting resins have been gradually growing. The mold casting resins for PMs developed by our company offer excellent workability for mold casting, and the hardened product offers excellent heat resistance (high Tg) and low thermal expansion.
    Example applications: Power semiconductors (vehicles and industry)

  • Flexible Epoxy Resins for Electronic Component Mold Casting

     These are flexible epoxy resins that offer excellent heat cycle durability and moisture resistance for mold casting of various electronic components equipped with ceramic substrates, ferrite cores, etc. The main applications include focus resistors, transformers for HID lamps, power supply transformers, etc., and these are also suitable for various other mold casting applications that demand crack resistance.
    Example applications: Transformer coils (vehicles, industry, household appliances)

  • Other Example Applications

     Film capacitors for devices, high voltage ceramic capacitors, noise filters, compact transformers, PCBs

Epoxy Resins for Battery Sealant

 Epoxy resin is used as the adhesive for the battery case and lid and for sealing the terminals in sealed lead-acid batteries which use dilute sulfuric acid as the battery fluid. This offers excellent adhesion with the ABS resin used as the case material and excellent chemical resistance particularly for sulfuric acid resistance, and can also be used for a wide variety of other applications.
Example applications: Lead-acid batteries (automobiles and industry)


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