Product Information

Epoxy Resins for Heavy Electrical Machinery

 We handle a wide range of variations for forming and sealing materials used in heavy electrical machinery such as transformers, insulators, and bushings.

Liquid Epoxy Resins

 Liquid epoxy resins and liquid curing agents offering both long pot life and high reactivity. The good workability of these makes them optimal for impregnation and vacuum cast molding of coils and transformers. If mixed with silica or alumina, these give a hardened product that has even higher insulation and mechanical strength.

Liquid Compounds

 Can be formed by the pressurized gel method, and the hardened product is highly reliable. This is optimal for embedded formation of metal parts by complete automation, and promises maintaining a clean work environment and increased productivity.

Solid Epoxy Resins and Powder Curing Agent

 The combination of solid epoxy resin CT200 and powder curing agents HT901/ HT903 is a representative product of the electrical insulation material for heavy electric machinery. These combinations provide cured materials with high insulation and toughness. Our powder curing agents dissolve smoothly in epoxy resin, so mixing time can be shortened. As a result, the pot life can be used effectively.

Product Lineup

  • Solid resins,Liquid Resins
  • Compounds


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