Product Information

UV Light Curing Epoxy Resins

We offer a lineup with high purity ranging from soft types that offer good heat shock resistance to hard types that offer good heat resistance and durability, which can be used in clean room environments.


UV curing adhesives have the basic properties of short curing times, no solvents, and single liquid form, offer excellent properties in terms of energy saving, productivity, and environmental durability, and are widely used in the field of electronics. When categorized in terms of applications in the field of electronics, the main applications are for displays (LCD, organic EL, PDP), for discs (CD, DVD), and for optical devices. Specific examples of optical device applications that have become used in practice include mounting of bare chips, optical pickups, image sensors, chip components, optical fiber, and optical waveguides, and the commonly required properties that are in demand are high durability properties including high temperature exposure resistance, low temperature exposure heat cycle durability, high temperature and moisture resistance, or pressure cooker resistance.
Our UV curing adhesives satisfy these requirements and are employed in various applications.

Example Applications

  • Display field
     Organic EL, LCD, PDP
  • Recordable media field
     DVD, CD
  • Optical device field
     Optical pickups, image sensors, chip components
     Optical fibers, optical waveguides, mounting bare chips, etc.


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