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Ag nano ink OAG-series

The OAG-series, which is a silver nano-ink sintered at 80˚C, exhibits good volume resistivity. A particularly high-adhension component is blended and high voidless adhesion is ensured. Its stability is high, and it can be stored at room temperature. In addition, since it can be adjusted to a wide range of viscosities, this is an ink which is suitable for a variety of printing methods including inkjet.

Inkjet-printed circuit pattern using IP2030L
(collaborated by ISHIIHYOKI Co., Ltd.)

Ag nano ink OAG-series


  • A particularly high-adhesion component
  • High voidless adhesion
  • Can be stored at room temperature
  • Low volume resistivity
  • Compatible with various printing methods (inkjet, aerosol jet, gravure offset, etc.)


  • Ag content:20-85 wt%
  • Viscosity:4-3000 mPa・s
  • Stability:>2 month@23℃
  • Sintering condition:>80℃ / 30min
  • Volume resistivity
  • substrate:PC、PET、PP、Si、Glass etc

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