Company Information / Message from the President

Creating a Brighter Future Through Chemistry.

Thank you for your continued support of Nagase ChemteX.

Since the birth of our company in 2001 through the consolidation of chemical manufacturers within the NAGASE Group, our group's core production activity has been to provide a wide range of chemical products to the industrial world. These products include sealing materials for electronic

components, chemical solutions for semiconductors and liquid crystal products, functional chemical products and intermediate products for industrial uses, and biotechnology products including enzymes. In this way, we have contributed to the growth and development of our customers.

One of the strengths of our company is that we possess a variety of component technologies that serve as our core technologies, including synthesis technologies, compounding technologies, and biotechnologies. By deepening our knowledge of these components and combining them together with our unique "power of inspiration", backed up by our many years of experience and know-how, we have successfully achieved a great number of technological innovations and created inventive product lines able to meet the advanced requirements of our customers.

Another of our strengths is our business development carried out in close coordination with the specialized chemical business Nagase & Co., Ltd. The needs for advanced materials are changing at a dizzying speed, and while they continue to become more advanced and diverse, we are always striving to identify the most current market needs of various regions in real-time through the powerful business network of the Nagase group, which extends across the world. This allows us to provide optimal products and the best possible solutions in a timely manner, to resolve the issues faced by our individual customers.

From here on, we will continue to follow our policy of promoting business development with consideration for the global market, in order to effectively practice our corporate slogan: "We will create a brighter future through chemistry". As we undertake cooperative efforts with the individual companies of the NAGASE Group, we will develop an even more efficient and highly-competitive production system on a global scale, while further refining the technical development capabilities and flexible, future-oriented "power of inspiration" that are our lifelines as a manufacturing corporation. We will continue to accept the challenges of developing new technologies and new products as a corporation that can create new values to answer the needs of customers around the world.

We thank you in advance for your understanding, as well as for your dedicated support and guidance, in the years ahead..

President and CEO
Satoru Fujii

Corporate Mission

To enhance customer satisfaction and contribute to the creation of a better society, by providing high-performance chemical products and technology.

Corporate Vision

To be a creator of value that continuously supplies high-performance products.