Company Information / History of Nagase

1938 Teikoku Kagaku Sangyo K.K. established (Itami City, Hyogo Prefecture)
1939 Manufacturing of enzyme agents for dye desizing began at the Nagase & Co., Ltd. Amagasaki Factory (predecessor to Nagase Biochemicals, Ltd.)
1958 The Amagasaki-higashi Factory began operations as a factory of the organic synthesis division of Nagase & Co., Ltd. (predecessor to Nagase Chemicals, Ltd.)
1962 Domestic manufacturing of epoxy-modified products began at the Amagasaki-higashi Factory of Nagase & Co., Ltd. (predecessor to Nagase-CIBA, Ltd.)
1970 The Amagasaki-higashi Factory of Nagase & Co., Ltd. moved to Tatsuno City in Hyogo Prefecture (predecessor to Nagase Chemicals, Ltd. and Nagase-CIBA, Ltd.)
Nagase-CIBA, Ltd. was established independently
1976 The Amagasaki Factory of Nagase & Co., Ltd. (predecessor to Nagase Biochemicals, Ltd.) moved to Fukuchiyama City in Kyoto Prefecture
1977 Nagase Biochemicals, Ltd. was established independently
1980 Nagase Chemicals, Ltd. was established independently
1987 Nagase Electrochemicals, Ltd. was established independently by Nagase Chemicals, Ltd.
1991 A shared research building was established for Nagase Chemicals, Ltd. and Nagase Electrochemicals, Ltd.
The Fukuchiyama Plant of Teikoku Kagaku Sangyo K.K. was established
2000 Nagase Chemicals, Ltd. and Nagase Electrochemicals, Ltd. merged
Nagase-CIBA, Ltd. becomes Nagase ChemteX Corporation with capital funding from Nagase & Co., Ltd.
2001 Re-born Nagase ChemteX Corporation established through the merger of 4 companies
"Nagase FineChem Singapore (Pte) Ltd." estalished in Singapore jointly with the group company
2002 Nagase & Co., Ltd. and "Nagase ChemteX (Wuxi) Corporation" established
"OnFine Co., Ltd." was established by Nagase & Co., Ltd. and Osaka Gas Group
SAP core system installed
2003 Obtained ISO 9001 in combination with ISO 14001 certification (Harima Plant)
2006 Fukuchiyama Plant Obtained ISO 14001 certification
A new clean room was constructed for roll coating and LSE (Harima Plant)
2007 Phospholipid plant facilities were newly constructed (Fukuchiyama Plant)
Distillation recycling facilities were newly constructed (Harima Plant)
2008 Sakai Plant established Began manufacturing and recycling liquid chemicals for liquid crystals
"SN Tech" was established as a joint company between Sachem Asia Co., Ltd. and Nagase & Co., Ltd.
A research facilities building was constructed (Harima Plant)
2009 Denatron manufacturing facilities were newly constructed (Harima Plant)
Boiler fuel changed from heavy oil to LNG (Harima Plant)
2012 A manufacturing building (clean room) for microelectronics materials was newly constructed (Harima Plant)
All shares in EMS USA (Engineered Materials Systems Inc.) were acquired with Nagase & Co., Ltd. (to create a subsidiary)
An enzyme manufacturing building that supports Kosher and Halal was newly established (Fukuchiyama Plant)
OHSAS18001 certification registered (Harima Plant)
2013 An R&D center "Applied Development Center" was newly established at Nagase ChemteX (Wuxi) Corporation