Product List

By Application List

Electrical insulators

Heavy Electrical Machinery

Epoxy resins for cast molding and sealing(DENATITE)

Agriculture and aquaculture

Fertilizers and culture solutions

Chelating agents

Construction and housing


Algaecide, Fungicide, Preservative, Bactericide


Mold proof and Biocides agents

House Construction

Forming materials

Lifestyle products

Paper Nappies

Surface treatment agents for resins that absorb water

Detergents, Soaps, Cosmetics, and Toiletries

Chelating agents for detergents
Mold proof and Biocides agents
For facial cleansing cosmetics
For facial cleansing cosmetics
For clothes detergents


Mold proof and Biocides agents


Quality Improvers for Bread and Cakes

  • Denabake RICH (Bread)
  • Denabake RICH (Cake)

Meat Tenderizers

  • Denateam PMC SOFTER (Meat Tenderizer)

Aging Preventing for Starch Food

  • β-Amylase #1500S (Rice Cakes)
  • β-Amylase #1500S (White Sauce)
  • β-Amylase #1500S (Rice Vermicelli)

Other Food Processing

Enzyme preparations
  • Enzyme preparations

Health Foods

Phosphatydylinositol and phosphatidylserine
  • PIPS Nagase

Water treatment, and paper and fiber treatment

Water and Emulsions for Industry

Anti-mold agents and antibacterial agents

Paper and Fiber Treatment Agents


Fiber processing

Desizing agent and dough conditioner