For the good of society


Community involvement

Our company is involved in social contribution activities, mainly in local communities.

Athlete support

We are supporting Urara Kawaguchi, a mountain biker from Tatsuno City.

Kawaguchi, born in 2000, attends Nippon Sport Science University and focuses on off-road competitions, including the Cross Country Olympic (XCO) Mountain Bike event* held around the world. * This is an event where participants run a specified number of laps on a natural circuit of 4 to 6 km per lap with many difficulties and compete in order of finish.

Urara Kawaguchi began mountain biking at the age of 10 and began seriously competing while in high school. Her powerful yet technical racing has enabled her to compete on the world stage. She has been selected as a member of Team Japan for mountain biking and road cycling, drawing attention as a skilled athlete.

We expect remarkable things from Kawaguchi, who has close ties to Tatsuno City. We are impressed by her ambition to continue taking on challenges to create an environment where young Japanese athletes can excel, and we decided to support her.


Conclusion of disaster agreement with Tatsuno City

In August 2019, we signed an agreement with Tatsuno City to open an emergency evacuation site to protect residents in the event of a disaster.
In the event of a large-scale disaster, such as an earthquake or flood, we will open part of the building in our Harima Plant as an emergency evacuation site in response to a request from Tatsuno City.

In the Nakai area of Tatsuno-cho, Tatsuno City, where our Harima Plant is located, the Hayashida River (a first-class river) exists before the nearest designated evacuation center. Therefore, it is difficult for residents to evacuate when there is a risk of flooding.
For this reason, we will provide a place where people can evacuate without crossing the river and work with Tatsuno City to prepare for any eventuality.

Outline of receiving facility

Facility name North Research Building 2, Harima Plant No. 2 Factory
Location 236 Tatsunocho-Nakai, Tatsuno-shi, Hyogo
Completion of construction February 2009
Height 24 m (4 stories)
Building area 864m2 (including 360m2 of space to be provided as shelters)
Number of people in the refuge About 170 people
Exterior view of the facility

Chemistry experiment study for elementary school students

Since 2019, we have been holding an event to invite the Tatsuno Kodomo Eco Club, an environmental learning group for elementary school students run by the city of Tatsuno, to the Harima Plant.

Participants enjoy learning through simple experiments using our environment-friendly products and explanations of how factory wastewater is purified, and the participants have received the program well.


Holding factory tours for people in the neighborhood

As an initiative of the entire Osadano Industrial Park, where our Fukuchiyama Plant is located, selected companies provide factory tours and explanations to residents and universities.
We explain our business and initiatives to deepen their understanding of our plant operations.

Sponsorship of marathon events

To contribute to the revitalization of the local community, the Harima Plant co-sponsored the Tatsunoshi Umetoshionoka Marathontaikai (Tatsuno Marathon), which is held in Mitsu-cho, Tatsuno City.
The Tatsunoshi Umetoshionoka Marathontaikai is a major Marathon event hosted by Tatsuno, with about 4,000 runners and 650 staff members participating.
Our employees are participating in the event as volunteer staff.

The Sakai Plant also cooperates with Green Front Sakai in the Sakai City Marathon, in which our employees participate as volunteer staff.

Tatsuno Marathon

Participation in community exchange events

As an initiative of the Osadano Industrial Park, where our Fukuchiyama Plant is located, a sports event is held with the participation of neighboring municipalities to interact with residents.

Donation of personal computers to welfare workplaces

Through the Hajimaru-kun Personal Computer Donation Program of OGIS-RI Co., Ltd., we recycle personal computers that we no longer need and donate them to welfare workplaces in Tatsuno City and Fukuchiyama City.

OGIS-RI website, Hajimaru-kun

Community cleanup activities

Our Harima Plant, Fukuchiyama Plant, and Sakai Plant regularly clean the roads in the vicinity.

We also participate in the Ibo River Cleanup Campaign, a trash collection activity after the fireworks organized by Tatsuno City, in an effort to improve the beauty of the area.

Ibo River cleanup operation

Tree-planting activities

Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture, where the Sakai Plant is located, is working on a Symbiotic Forest Planting project. This project aims to restore Sakai No. 7-3, a vast industrial waste disposal site overlooking Osaka Bay, to a natural environment where various organisms can live and grow.
The Sakai Plant cooperates with Green Front Sakai, participating in regular tree planting and cleaning activities.

Acceptance of interns

We regularly hold internship programs for students to experience the Company's atmosphere and how easy it is to work there.
We received a good reputation from students who received short internship programs, as they can experience hands-on work in the laboratory and at the manufacturing site, rather than just attending lectures.

In 2020, we participated in Osaka University's Cadet Program* and accepted interns for two-month terms.

* The program aims to develop human resources who will play a leading role in driving future innovation in materials science research and business in a wide range of industry, government, and academic sectors.
Internships at research institutions, overseas universities, and domestic manufacturing companies are included in the curriculum.

Students conducting an experiment