corporate governance

Risk management

Basic concept

To achieve sustainable growth, we appropriately identify all internal and external risks related to our business activities, implement risk countermeasures, evaluate their implementation status, and strive to make improvements.

If a risk becomes apparent, we quickly gather information, assess the situation to minimize the damage or loss caused by the apparent risk, and engage in risk management.

Risk and Compliance Committee

We have a Risk and Compliance Committee as an advisory body to the Board of Directors to build, disseminate, and firmly establish our risk management system and compliance system based on our Basic Compliance Policy and Code of Conduct. Furthermore, the Secretariat of the Risk and Compliance Committee handles cases related to risk management and compliance and considers how to respond to them.

In addition, we have a Compliance Consultation and Reporting Desk as an internal reporting system, where individuals can contact us directly.

Business crisis management

In July 2016, we established NCX Business Crisis Management Rules, which can be implemented promptly and appropriately from the initial on-site organizational response of the Group, and we make sure that all employees are aware of the rules.

Confidentiality management and information security

To prevent the unintentional leakage of useful technical or business information related to research, production, sales, and other operations, we have Trade Secret Management Regulations. We are engaged in educational and enlightenment activities through training sessions. The handling of trade secrets belonging to the Company and trade secrets and intellectual property rights of third parties is clearly stated in the Compliance Code of Conduct and thoroughly understood by all employees.
Furthermore, the NAGASE Group has a Group-wide Information Security Basic Policy and Information Security Measures Guidelines, which comprehensively describe the actual items to be complied with and the recommended security level.
Under these basic policies and guidelines of the NAGASE Group, we prepared IT Security Management Regulations, which stipulate the procedures and methods of implementing information security measures. In addition, we have an IT Security Management Manual, which describes the rules and daily precautions to be observed, and we have made them known to all employees.

Disaster prevention activities and business continuity plan (BCP) activities

We prepare for risks such as natural disasters that may affect the safety and lives of our employees and the continuation of our business activities. Accordingly, we take measures in disaster prevention activities to protect human lives and property and BCP activities to continue our business.