For the environment


Basic approach to the environment

Basic concept

The NAGASE Group believes that the sustainability of the global environment is a prerequisite for realizing a safe, secure, and warm society where people can live comfortably, and our company follows this belief. In recent years, there has been growing concern about global warming due to increased greenhouse gases. There is growing interest in the impact of anthropogenic factors on climate change.

Under our environmental slogan, "We are a green company and want to help make the world greener," we will contribute to the development of society through our business activities. At the same time, to protect the irreplaceable global environment as members of society, we will work on environmental issues from the perspective of becoming a green company and contributing to the reduction of the environmental burden of society as a whole through the development and manufacture of green technologies and products.

Nagase ChemteX's basic environmental philosophy

Nagase ChemteX Corporation recognizes that protecting the global environment is the most important problem facing the planet, and as a good corporate citizen, we are working sincerely to protect and improve the global environment in all of the fields in which our company is active, with the aim of contributing to a society that is able to grow in a sustainable manner.

Environmental policies

Harima Plant / Sakai Plant

We have taken the form that the Harima Plant as our "Basic Philosophy" and have established its operations as our "Environment Policies."
Furthermore, we continuously work toward reducing our impact on the environment by highlighting environmental concerns, conducting evaluations of environmental impact in all of our departments and divisions, and setting goals and targets for each of our offices and divisions.

  • We strive to adhere to environment-related laws and regulations as well as protocols and other agreements. We also aim to prevent environmental pollution.
  • We evaluate the impact of our business activities on the environment as well as set and strive to achieve environmental goals and targets, which are attainable economically and technologically to help reduce our impact on the environment.
  • We have built an appropriate environmental management system and promotion framework inside our company that we continually improve on.
  • We are working to promote awareness through sharing our basic philosophy and environment-related policies among our employees through environmental education. Furthermore, we also publish our basic philosophy and policies for the public.
  • Our specific actions include the following.
    • Promoting energy saving activities and working to reduce CO2 emissions
    • Promoting resource saving and recycling, and striving to reduce waste materials
    • Promoting green procurement and performing appropriate management of environmental toxins
    • Contributing to reducing the load on the environment from the research and development stage of products and technologies

In the future, we will strive to take our environmental management systems to the next level and publish additional information to contribute to protecting the global environment. We will work on activities that provide a great sense of security to our customers and citizens of the local community.
We are thankful for many years of sincere cooperation and are look forward to your continued support in the future.

Fukuchiyama Plant

  • We strive to adhere to environment-related laws and regulations, protocols, and other requirements that we meet to help prevent the environmental pollution.
  • To achieve our environmental goals and targets, we will strive to enhance our development technology and production technology capacity, utilize sustainable resources, respond to the challenge of global warming, and protect biodiversity and ecosystems.
  • We have built an environmental management system that is appropriate for our offices, and we are continually improving its operation.
  • We are working to improve awareness through sharing our basic philosophy and environment-related policies among all the employees who work at our offices through environmental education. Furthermore, we also publish our basic philosophy and environment policies publicly.