For the benefit of employees


Creating a comfortable workplace

Health and Productivity Management

The Group aims to realize a sustainable world where people live with peace of mind. We believe that the most important measure for achieving this is ensuring the physical and mental wellness of our employees, who constitute Group assets, as well as their families. This perspective is applied not only to the Group employees, but to all the stakeholders involved in the corporate activities.
We have formulated and unveiled the NAGASE Health Declaration in support of improving the health of Group employees. We are currently promoting initiatives in line with the declaration.

NAGASE Health Declaration

The NAGASE Group aims to create a safe, secure, and warm society where people can live comfortably. To achieve this, it is important that our employees and their families, who are the assets of the Group, are healthy, both physically and mentally, and this is the most important management issue. The NAGASE Group is headed by the Representative Director and President of Nagase & Co., Ltd. The Group proactively takes various measures to maintain and promote the health of every employee.

Nagase ChemteX's measures and specific initiatives

  • Health support policy
    • Health checkups
      (regular health checkups, lifestyle-related disease checkups, annual checkups, health checkups for overseas travelers, temporary returnees, and returnees)
    • Specific health checkups and specific health guidance
    • Each cancer screening
    • Cancer screening by mail
    • Dental checkups
    • Influenza vaccinations
    • Support for balancing treatment and work
    • Support for the maintenance and promotion of women's health
    • Distribution and mediation of household medicines
    • Family health consultation
    • Best doctors' service
  • Mental health measures
    • Mental health counseling
    • Mental health training
    • Reinstatement support
    • Stress check
  • Health promotion
    • Departmental activity support
    • Walking event
    • KENKO Challenge System
      (support for obesity improvements, smoking cessation, exercise habits, and measurement habits)
    • Promoting the use of recreational facilities
    • Measures to reduce long working hours
    • No-overtime day once a week
    • Posting of overtime work status on a department-by-department basis

Certification as a Company Practicing Health Promotion in Kyoto

Our Fukuchiyama Plant has been certified as a Company Practicing Health Promotion in Kyoto since 2014.
Under the Kyoto Health Promotion Practice Certification System, the Kyoto Prefectural Government certifies and publicizes companies working to improve their employees' cancer screening rate and promote health.

In 2018, we received the Excellence Award from the Kyoto Health Promotion Practice Company for our health promotion system.

Efforts to reform the way we work

We believe that it is important for individual employees to work flexibly based on productivity and efficiency to enhance productivity and work-life balance.

With this in mind, the NAGASE Group promotes discussions and initiatives to improve its employees' working styles.

Various systems and measures to create a comfortable working environment

Systems and measures Overview
Superflex work A system that allows employees to autonomously decide their arrival and departure times according to their business needs.
Core hours are being eliminated starting in fiscal 2019.
Hourly paid leave system A system that allows employees to take paid leave in increments of one hour, up to five days per fiscal year.
Refresher leave Leave granted to employees who have been with the Company for 15 years or 25 years for mental and physical refreshment.
Life support leave Leave that can be used for non-work-related injuries and illnesses, volunteer work, childcare, nursing care, self-development, etc., by accumulating forfeited paid leave.
Anniversary vacation Encouraging employees to take two days of anniversary leave per year to promote the use of paid vacations.

Labor-management relations

We keep track of our employees' working hours and internally disclose the overtime hours in each department. In addition, to curb overwork, the Human Resources Division issues an alarm to employees who are approaching the limit and guides improvements.

With the labor union, in addition to regular labor-management consultations, we hold labor-management study sessions on specific themes to deepen understanding and discussion of issues, thereby building good labor-management relations.

Local employment and local procurement

The NAGASE Group believes that employment creation and local procurement by hiring local employees play a vital role in building good relationships with various countries and regions where we operate and in contributing to local economies and communities. Based on this approach, we will promote local employment creation and procurement and contribute to developing the various countries and regions we operate.