For the benefit of employees



Approach to diversity

The NAGASE Group believes that diversity is an important part of overall corporate strategy. To nimbly respond to changes in the environment, we need to ensure we have human resources with a wide variety of ideas and perspectives, both in Japan and overseas. Having a diverse range of employees encourages more dynamic discussions and leads to new ideas that become the source of competitive advantage in the market. This in turn leads to the growth of both the NAGASE Group and each individual employee.

Diversity initiatives

The NAGASE Group established the Diversity Promotion Committee in the fiscal year ending in March 2009, and our company is a subcommittee member. We have set diversity promotion themes and are working on measures to promote diversity in the NAGASE Group.

Diversity Initiatives

  • Internal education
    • Periodic messages from top management and broadcasts of related information
    • Instill the NAGASE Management Philosophy, NAGASE Vision, and NAGASE Way deeply into NAGASE Group employees
  • Diversity in organizations and individuals
    • Improve global communications
    • Support employees’ career development
    • Continue employing non-Japanese people and women as main career track staff and improve our corporate culture
  • Develop good places to work
    • Instill awareness and activate initiatives for continuity and productivity improvements
    • Support employees who are dealing with home care or other challenges
  1. Discussions among Employees who Various Backgrounds
  2. Frank Exchanges of Opinions
  3. Sharing New, Value- Added Ideas
  4. New Proposals to Customers
  5. Company Growth and Contribution to Society

Support for balancing work with childcare and nursing care

With employees in various stages of life, it is important to support them in balancing work with childcare and nursing care. We have various systems and policies in place to make it easier for everyone to work.

Various systems and measures to support work-life balance

Systems and measures Overview
Maternity leave Six weeks of leave before and eight weeks after childbirth
Childcare leave Leave for childcare (for both men and women)
Child nursing care leave Leave for childcare
Shorter working hours for childcare Allowing shorter working hours for childcare
Flexible working system for childcare Allowing flexible working for childcare
Leave for nursing care Nursing-care leave
Absence for nursing care Absence from work for nursing care
Shorter working hours for nursing care Allowing shorter working hours for nursing care
Flexible working system for nursing care Allowing flexible working for nursing care

Certification as a childrearing support company (Kurumin)

Under the Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children (also called the "Next-Generation Act" for short), companies that support childrearing are certified. Such companies must meet certain requirements (e.g., formulating and implementing action plans to help employees balance work and childrearing).

Hiring People with Disabilities

The NAGASE Group strives to create a work environment where everyone can thrive together, regardless of whether they have a disability or not. We respect the capabilities of each employee, and foster an environment where they can excel with reasonable accommodation for disabilities.

Posting Non-Japanese Employees to Core Positions

The Group is expanding its business in various countries and regions around the globe. Based on the basic approach of respecting the diversity of employees’ ideas and perspectives, we are posting outstanding non-Japanese employees to core positions in accordance with the needs of each country, region, and company.