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Responsible supply chain

Basic policy of procurement

We are conscious of CSR in all areas of our corporate activities and aim to be a company that is trusted by society with a sincere attitude. Therefore, it is essential to obtain the cooperation of our business partners and carry out initiatives in close collaboration with them. We ask all our suppliers to practice legal compliance, quality assurance, green procurement, and other activities.

Security trade control

To conduct fair trade in compliance with laws and regulations as a member of the international community, we have established security trade control regulations and organizations. We promote strict operation by monitoring amendments to the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act, other laws, and export control status. Furthermore, we make continuous improvements through in-house education and training and annual operational checks of export controls. In addition, under the policies of the entire NAGASE Group, we comply with laws and regulations and are also strongly aware of and implement security trade control, such as prohibiting transactions for military use and military-related matters.B10

Addressing responsible minerals procurement

We have established a policy for responsible mineral procurement and are thoroughly managing our operations based on this policy. We work with our suppliers to avoid complicity in armed conflicts and human rights violations concerning the minerals used in our products.

Responsible minerals procurement policy

Nagase ChemteX Corporation is committed to sound corporate activities and an awareness of its corporate social responsibility to realize a sustainable society. We will promote responsible raw material procurement initiatives that consider human rights, the environment, and ethics.

We avoid human rights abuses involving child labor, financing of terrorism, money laundering, illicit trade, collaboration in conflicts, and environmental destruction in conflict and high-risk areas. Accordingly, we conduct risk management for the supply chain of minerals, such as tantalum, tin, tungsten, gold (so-called 3TG conflict minerals), and cobalt (hereafter referred to as "conflict minerals, etc."). We will strive to avoid providing products that use conflict minerals and other materials in conflict areas and high-risk areas.

(Full text from Responsible Sourcing of Minerals)

About green procurement

We have acquired ISO 14001 certification. Following this environmental policy, we are promoting green procurement in cooperation with our suppliers, not only in our internal environmental management activities but also in the procurement of raw materials and parts necessary for our product manufacturing activities.