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For the safety and security of our customers

Approaches and initiatives for product safety and quality control

Under the NAGASE Group Product Safety Principles, we offer safe products to our customers and continue to improve the safety of our products. To realize a safe and secure society, we have positioned the assurance of product safety and thorough quality control as one of the critical issues of our social responsibility.

To achieve this, we have acquired international standards, including ISO 9001. Through the operation of a companywide quality management system, we are making continuous improvements with a plan-do-check-act (PDCA) cycle to improve the quality of the products we provide and continue to strive to improve the quality of all our work.

Addressing product safety

Product Safety Principles

Revised on September 1, 2017

The NAGASE Group is committed to providing safe products to our customers under the NAGASE Group Compliance Code of Conduct. It is committed to providing the highest quality products to our customers. To build a safe and secure society, we position product safety as one of the critical issues of our social responsibility and strive to ensure the safety of the products that the NAGASE Group manufactures, imports, and sell.

  • Compliance with Laws, Regulations, and Internal Rules

    The NAGASE Group naturally complies with the various laws and regulations pertaining to product safety, including the Consumer Product Safety Act. Beyond that, we consider product safety a key social responsibility, and, as a responsible manufacturer, strive sincerely to ensure the safety of products we produce and sell, including imported goods.

  • Formulating and Practicing Internal Rules

    The NAGASE Group has formulated and manages a series of internal rules related to product safety, working proactively to ensure the safety of our products through ongoing improvement of these rules.

  • Product Safety Promotion Systems

    The NAGASE Group has established systems necessary for rigorous compliance with not only product safety-related laws and regulations but also internal rules. The Group also strives to act in consideration of safety at all stages of the product chain, including research, development, planning, design, production, import, sale, and aftersale services. Further, we conduct regular internal audits and, when necessary, education and training, as well as revision of internal rules and systems.

  • Preventing Accidents from Misuse

    In order to ensure safe use of its products, the NAGASE Group provides information appropriately to users, including product handling warnings and safety information helping to prevent incidents arising from misuse or negligence.

  • Product Incidents

    When one of its products is involved in a product incident, the NAGASE Group takes all necessary actions to prevent harm. This may include recall of the product or other actions to prevent further harm. In these cases, the Group also proactively collects information about the product incident and shares it with product users and related parties promptly. Further, the Group also promptly provides oversight authorities with reports in accordance with laws and regulations.

  • Preventing Product Incident Recurrence

    In the event of a product incident, the Group strives to determine the root cause of the incident, appropriately compiling and using the resulting records to prevent recurrence.

Response to customers when quality problems occur

When we receive reports of product defects or complaints from our customers or business partners regarding our products or services, our Quality Assurance Department will take the lead in investigating the cause and taking corrective action under our company's rules. In the event of a serious accident that may cause damage to the body, life, or property of a customer, we will put the safety and security of the customer first, establish a system to ensure an appropriate and prompt response, and act under internal regulations.

Food safety and security

The Fukuchiyama Plant, which manufactures food additives and health food materials, has acquired FSSC 22000 certification, a management system for food safety, and Food Additives GMP certification, an industry standard for food additives. By integrating these certifications with ISO 9001, the core quality management system, we strive to ensure safety and quality at all stages, from design and development to raw material procurement, manufacturing, and sales.

Registration number JQA-FC0197
First registration date February 21, 2020