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Quality management system

We have established a quality management system based on ISO 9001 under the management mission to enhance customer satisfaction and contribute to the creation of a better society by providing high-performance chemical products and technology. Through the effective operation of this management system, we strive to improve customer satisfaction by product development, production, quality control, and product provision to meet customer expectations.

Acquired ISO 9001 certification

ISO 9001 is a quality management system designed to improve customer satisfaction by providing consistent products and services. All of our manufacturing sites have acquired ISO 9001 certification.

Harima Plant / Sakai Plant

Registration number JMI-0206
First registration date May 31, 1993

Fukuchiyama Plant

Registration number JCQA-0385
First registration date November 9, 1998

ISO 9001 management system registration certificate (Japanese version)

JIS Q 9100 is a JIS standard for quality management systems, based on ISO 9001:2000, with additional requirements specific to the aerospace industry. The Harima Plant, which manufactures resins for aircraft materials, acquired the certification in 2014.

Harima Plant

Registration number JQA-AS0138
First registration date November 7, 2014

Acquired FSSC 22000 certification

FSSC 22000 is based on ISO 22000, an international standard for food safety management systems that aims to provide safe food to consumers and is a stricter international standard that incorporates elements such as food defense. The Fukuchiyama Plant, which handles enzymes for food products, had been conducting voluntary operations equivalent to the FSSC 22000 management procedures for some time, but in 2020, it officially acquired certification.

Fukuchiyama Plant

Registration number JQA-FC0197
First registration date February 21, 2020

Acquired Food Additives GMP certification

The Food Additives GMP (an abbreviation for Good Manufacturing Practice) is a voluntary standard on manufacturing and quality control of food additives established by the Japan Food Additives Association, aiming to further advance quality control in the food additive industry.

A manufacturer can be certified by the Japan Food Additives Association (a third party) if the manufacturer's manufacturing and quality control procedures of food additives meet the standards required by the Food Additives GMP. The Fukuchiyama Plant, which handles enzymes for food products, has received this certification.

Fukuchiyama Plant

Registration number JAFAGMP-085-(3)
First registration date March 18, 2010