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Chemical substance management

Chemical substance management

The safe handling of chemicals is also an important foundation that supports our business. We are strengthening the management of product-related laws and regulations, including chemical management, and promoting centralized information management to establish a management system that appropriately responds to related laws and regulations for all products.

Compliance with global chemical laws and regulations

The Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management (SAICM), proposed at the World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD), Johannesburg Summit, in 2002, aimed at minimizing the adverse effects of chemical production and use on human health and the environment by 2020. Based on this philosophy, chemical substance management regulations have become stricter and more common in countries worldwide, and new laws and regulations have been established and revised. As for the future, discussions on the post-SAICM (post-2020 framework) have begun, and further strengthening of chemical substance management regulations is inevitable to achieve the next international goal.
To respond to the trends of laws and regulations worldwide, we are working together with NAGASE Group companies in Japan and overseas. We will continue developing and promoting a system to collect information on the latest trends and comply with the most recent and most reliable laws and regulations.

Chemical management system

We use our database and safety data sheet (SDS) creation system to effectively manage ingredients, safety information, including information on hazards and harmfulness, and legal regulations for all chemical products we handle in our specialized departments. The Company shares this information to respond appropriately to customer inquiries about chemical substances and domestic and international laws and regulations, such as the Chemical Substances Control Act and EU-REACH regulations. In addition, it is also used to transmit information through the supply chain.

Transmission of safety information and information on chemical substances in products

To ensure the safe handling of our products, we provide the necessary information on product safety and related laws and regulations to our customers and logistics-related personnel through safety data sheets (SDSs), labels, yellow cards, etc. In addition, in response to regulations on chemical substances contained in products, as typified by the EU's RoHS Directive and SVHC, we provide information using chemSHERPA and JAMA sheets and respond to various surveys to meet customer needs.