Product Information

DENATITE(One-part Liquid Epoxy Adhesives)

 We have been providing one-part and two-part liquid epoxy adhesives focusing on the Denatite series which boast a record of success over many years.
 We have a wide variety of products in terms of performance from high adhesive strength to flexibility and heat durability, etc., to meet the needs of our users.
 We have a lineup of adhesives featuring high frequency induction heating curing adhesives, high shear/detachable adhesives, flexible adhesives, low outgas adhesives, etc., and are also working on developing FRA (fiber reinforced film adhesives) and adhesives that allow recycling of the adherend.


 We offer a lineup of highly functional epoxy resin adhesives to suit a wide variety of needs, including easy to use liquid types that are able to cure at low temperatures (70 to 80°C) without any limits on the usage time and which do not need the measured mixing of base compound and curing agent compared to two-part liquids, and types that offer high heat resistance, high detachability, high flexibility, and various types of workability (thixotropicity and flowability).

Example Application

  • Adhesion of Magnets for Various Motors (for Automotive)
  • Adhesion of Various sensors (for Automotive)
  • Sealing and Encapsulation of Relay Parts
  • Metal chassis and lid adhesives, and anti-loosening

Product Lineup

●High Toughness, High Elongation and High Strength Adhesive: XNR6852E-3
We have developed XNR6852E-3, which has high toughness, high elongation and high adhesive strength by our original technology. For more product information, please contact us from the inquiry form.

●Adhesive selection chart by plastic
You can choose the epoxy resin adhesive that suits adhesion of the plastic material.

: Extremely high adhesion strength (including material destruction, >10A N/mm2,>8C N/mm2)
: High adhesion strength (7A~10A N/mm2,4C~8C N/mm2)
△~○ : Somewhat high adhesion strength (6A~7A N/mm2)
: Low adhesion strength (2A~6A N/mm2)
- : No data
Plastic One-part Liquid Epoxy-based Adhesive
XNR3503 XNR3505 XNR3506(PF) XN1244 XN1278
Polybutylene terephthalate [PBT] VALOX310-SE0 △~○ △~○
NORYL SEIJ-GFN3-701(Contains GF)
Polybutylene terephthalate
[Modified PPO]
NORYL SEIJ-GFN3-701(Contains GF)
Polyetherimide [PEI] ULTEM 1000
ULTEM 2300
(Contains GF)
Polyphenylenesulfide [PPS] FORTLON 6165 A4
(Filler, Contains GF)
(Contains GF)
Polyarylate U POLYMER
Polyarylsulfone [PAS] RADEL
Polyethersulfone [PES] VICTREX PES 4100G

●One-part liquid adhesive selection chart by function
You can choose one-part liquid adhesives from a wide variety of functions including high adhesion and fast curing.

Function Product Name External Appearance Features Example Applications
High adhesion XD911 Beige High peel strength Affixing coils
Adhering magnets
Joining ultrasonic oscillators
Adhering ferrite components
XD911SR Beige Non-flowing
XN1245SR Black Non-flowing
XN1278 Beige Non-flowing
Fast curing XNR3503 Black Low temperature fast curing Adhering sensor units
Sealant adhesive for electronic components
XNR3505 Black Good adhesion with engineering plastic
XNR3506(PF) Black High flowing
Flexible XNR3604SR Black Non-flowing Adhering ferrite cores
Adhering ceramics
XNR3608 Black Highly flexible
High heat resistant XN1244 Black High adhesion Adhering ceramic components
Affixing gaskets for automobiles
Affixing motor coils
XNR3501 White High flowing
XNR3628 Gray High adhesion


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