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Epoxy Resins for Tools

 We provide model materials for automotive components and household appliances, and materials for various resin molds that offer excellent processability and dimensional stability as needed when manufacturing prototype products.

Resins for Models

 We offer a lineup of two-part liquid curing epoxy resins that are used for applications such as design models, data confirmation models, and master models. These are lightweight materials with good dimensional accuracy and few pinholes that can be processed using woodworking tools or NC machines. We offer a diverse lineup from resins that can be cut within several hours after mixing the base compound and curing agent to resins that generate virtually no heat.

Resins for Inspection Tools

 These are two-part liquid curing epoxy resins that are used for inspection tools, and are materials that have small curing shrinkage and good dimensional accuracy. These can be cut using NC machines, have few pinholes, and offer hardened product with high mechanical strength. We offer a lineup of white, gray, yellow, and green, and also have block materials available in gray.

Laminating Pastes

 This material is a two-part liquid curing epoxy resin that is used as a backup for various models, inspection tools, and plastic forming molds converted into putty form. It is lightweight and offers small curing shrinkage and good dimensional accuracy. Furthermore, it is available with a heat durability level of between around 50°C and 120°C depending on the application.

Resins for Press Molds

 These materials are for prototype molds and small lot production molds pressed by metal plates, and we offer a lineup of resins for gel coating, lamination, backing process methods, and surface cast molding process methods. These materials have high strength and good wear resistance.

Resins for Plastic Forming Molds

 These are materials for plastic form molding from prototypes to mass production including urethane foam form molding, urethane cast molding and injection molding, and vacuum form molding, and we offer a lineup suitable for the heat resistance levels required of resins for gel coating, laminating, and backing process methods. Furthermore, the forming molds fabricated using these materials have good heat cycle durability and high mechanical strength.

Casting Molds

 Appropriate use of these materials which consist of highly wear resistant gel coating and highly workable laminate, backing materials, and leveling materials enables the fabrication of casting molds with good wear resistance and high mechanical strength.

Materials for Non-foam Model Molds

Non-foam model system
Non-foam models, inspection tools, and molds can be created using dedicated equipment (model master) and dedicated resin.
Part number: XNR/H6513

Epoxy Blocks

These are cured board of epoxy resin that have high mechanical strength and good dimensional accuracy, and can be used for inspection tools and vacuum forming molds.
Part number: K22G. DB17G


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