Policies Related to Protection of Personal Information

Nagase ChemteX Corporation (hereinafter our company) makes the following efforts for protecting the personal information of customers.

Personal Information Protection Policy for This Website

Our company aims at advancing and improving industrial activities while maintaining the safety and reliability of information resources (including sales confidential and personal information) and information systems, and provides safe and fully featured services to our customers.
(Note) Information refers to all media including data contained in written documents and electronic media, printed documents, and data in communication.

1. Management of personal information

Our company has appointed a person in charge of confidential and personal information in each division who handles personal information, and strives to handle this information appropriately in accordance with this policy.

2. Collection of personal information

When our company asks customers for personal information, we notify the customers of details such as the usage purpose and the contact center at our company, and ask to provide the information within the appropriate range.

3. Usage of personal information

Our company uses personal information only within the range of purposes clearly stated to our customers in advance.

4. Provision of personal information to third parties

Our company will not disclose customer personal information to third parties unless the customer has agreed in advance and the information will be disclosed to an outsource provider within the range necessary for providing the products or services desired by the customer or for other valid reasons.

5. Implementation of security measures

Our company strives to protect and improve security in order to prevent unauthorized access to personal information and leakage of personal information, and for secure management. When outsourcing the handling of personal information, we place obligations on the outsourcer to perform management of the personal information at the same level of standard as our company by using contracts.

6. Respecting customer rights

We respond appropriately when a customer contacts our center in charge and requests disclosure, correction, deletion, etc. of personal information about themselves.

7. Adherence to laws and regulations

Our company works to continuously improve our efforts to protect personal information, and adheres to laws and other regulations related to protecting personal information.