We are a green company and want to help make the world greener.

At Nagase ChemteX, we are tackling environmental problems from two perspectives: "Aiming to be a company that does not negatively impact the environment = a green company;" and, "Reducing the overall impact of society on the environment by developing and manufacturing environment-friendly products = green technologies and products."

Green Company

We practice the 3Rs (reuse/recycle/reduce) by increasing the life cycle of the liquid chemicals used in the manufacturing processes of semiconductors and flat panel displays, through constituent concentration management, reducing the amount of chemicals used, and reusing used liquid chemicals through distillation. Furthermore, we have established a liquid chemical manufacturing plant and an on-site recycling plant inside GREEN FRONT SAKAI in cooperation with Nagase & Co. Ltd. This effort has been certified as a "Resource Productivity Innovation Plan" by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

Green Technologies and Products

We develop a diverse range of products, including wind power generation-related materials, sealants for solar cells, and resins for hybrid cars. Furthermore, we promote development according to our annual target of manufacturing environment-friendly products and are working towards contributing to a society that has a minimal impact on the environment through technology and new products.

  • Basic Environmental Policies
  • Acquisition of ISO14001 Certification
  • Efforts Towards Industrial Health and Safety