Environment and Health and Safety / Efforts Towards Industrial Health and Safety

Basic Philosophy

Nagase ChemteX Corporation has adopted "defending human dignity" as our basic philosophy in all of our business activities, and we actively undertake occupational health and safety activities, and promote continuous improvement and the creation of a safe, happy, and comfortable workplace.

Occupational Health and Safety Policies

  1. All of our workers work together to promote a workplace that puts safety first and is free of accidents and injuries.
  2. We strive to remove the causes of injuries and disease from our workplace, thus creating an environment where employees can work safely and in good health.
  3. We adhere to all laws and regulations related to occupational health and safety, with other requirements that we have agreed to.
  4. We expand and execute this policy to include targets, perform periodic reviews, and implement continuous improvements to our activities and results.
  5. We introduce the appropriate management resources to effectively utilize occupational health and safety management systems.
  6. We thoroughly disseminate this policy to all employees and subcontractors, and also publish it externally.
  7. We are aware that our workplace is a chemical factory that handles dangerous and harmful substances; therefore, our workers handle their responsibilities with utmost care and safety.
  8. We aim to eliminate or minimize health and safety risks through risk assessments and activities that curb potentially dangerous incidents.
  9. We conduct education and training to notify all employees of this policy and its targets and create awareness of our obligations.
  10. We conduct health-promoting activities that include mental health.

We are undertaking activities that provide a strong feeling of security for our employees, their families, the people who live near us, and our customers by advancing our occupational health and safety management systems to the next level.
 We are thankful for your many years of sincere cooperation and look forward to your continued support in the future.

Acquisition of OHSAS18001 Certification

Harima Office

Nagase ChemteX Corporation aims to build a comfortable work environment that is safe both for the mind and body by giving priority above all else to the safety of people working at our company, practicing the ethos of "safety first," which is the basis of our company activities. With this awareness at the Harima office, we work towards OHSAS18001 certification, which is internationally recognized as the standard for occupational health and safety management systems. The occupational health and safety management system in our office and the state of its operations were certified as being in compliance with the OHSAS18001 certification through a first-stage review conducted in October 2012 and a second-stage review in November 2012 by the Japan Quality Assurance Organization; we acquired certification on December 14, 2012. Furthermore, we have taken the form of the Harima office as our "Basic Philosophy," and have established its operations as our "Environment Policies." Additionally, we are continuously striving for a happy and comfortable workplace through ongoing risk assessments across all departments and divisions and setting targets for each office, department, and division.