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The Nagase Group, Extending Across the World

The Nagase Group strives to create new values in its chemical value chain, using a unique business model that surpasses the boundaries of a commercial business with its functions for production and processing as well as research and development.

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With chemistry as its foundation, the Nagase Group promotes its businesses on a global scale, encompassing over 100 companies in 20 countries around the world with segments focused on "functional materials", "processed materials", "electronics", "automobiles and energy", and "lifestyle-related products". The major industries it covers include pigments and coloring agents, paints and ink, surface-active agents, office automation, electronic equipment, automobiles, liquid crystals, semiconductors, pharmaceuticals and medical treatment, cosmetics, and functional food materials.

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Nagase ChemteX (Wuxi) Corporation
(Abbreviation: NCW)

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Manufacturing, sales, and technical services for adhesives and high-tech chemicals for electronics

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Engineered Materials Systems Inc.
(Abbreviation: EMS)

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Research and development, manufacturing, and sales of adhesives used in industrial products, conductive adhesive capsule materials, etc.

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